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Simply Fun Dinosaur Challenge

Players each get three dinosaurs and read their cards noting their dinosaurs' most important traits. Are they flexible, tough, speedy, and are they large or small? Your dinosaur card tells you all that. Now a challenge card is turned over and read; it might be climate change, lava flow, a flash flood or worse. Each player must find the dinosaur in his hand that would most likely survive. Turn the card over and see what trait was most important. Is it flexibility? The dinosaur with the most flexibility wins that round. Player who has won the most challenge cards is the winner. This is a game that requires strategy as well as critical thinking and logic. It's a nice blend of gamesmanship, science, and fun. Looking for ways to extend the play, check the Simply Fun website with the link above. 10 & up.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2015

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