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Playmobil Pharaoh’s Pyramid

(Playmobil $69.99)

With cutaway sides, this 120-piece set holds all the treasures needed for Pharaoh’s life in the afterworld. Talk about realism, the embalmer is even included with four canopic jars that held the royal organs, that were buried with the mummy. Nothing has been left out—including a golden sarcophagus that holds a mummy in the tomb chamber. There are five chambers with spaces to hide treasures. Play figures can go through a revolving door, a trap door, and a tricky rock trap that will open and land them in a some mysterious chamber. The box warns that this is a 90-minute build. Marked for 6 and up, but we think the subject matter and details are more appropriate for older school age students who are beginning to study world history and Egypt in particular; often 6th Graders.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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