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Squishmallow Cam the Cat, Hoot the Owl, and Fifi the Fox

( $14.99 and up)

Huggables that are truly as soft and smushie as a marshmallow. Covered with velvety velour- like-plush, they have stitched features. They come in various sizes: very small ($14.99), medium 13” ($29.99) and 16” ( $39.99) large-as-a-throw-pillow sizes. We really love the feel and look of these lovable dolls. But, please note: Although they are marked for children of all ages, they should not be left in a crib with infants who might not be able to roll away from them. They are really like pillows, which are a no-no for infants and toddlers. Also note: older infants/toddlers might use them as a foothold and accidently end up over the crib rail. That said, these are big yet light enough to please toddlers who like lugging big huggables around with them. The company also has other critters in their line. Look for penguins, owls, frogs and a hedgehog. All mighty lovable!

Ages: Toddlers, Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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