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Three Mistakes to Avoid in Toyland

Three Mistakes To Avoid When Toy Shopping

1-Ignoring age labels since your kid is so smart.

Why? Age labels are stretched up and down to sell toys to the widest possible age range. But toys marked for 3 & up are like red lights blinking—it means there are small parts that can be a choking hazard.

2-Buying a major toy with a licensed character all over the toy kitchen, playhouse, or ride-on.

Why? Licensed characters are usually here today and gone tomorrow. Major toys should be less tied to au courant TV and movie cycles and quickly become dated. Crazy about a pop character? Bring home some small items as add-ons such as action figures or small vehicles. Keep the big ticket items commercial free.

3-Buying gender specific ride-ons, electronics, building blocks, sporting goods.

Why? Ask yourself if the color of a toy will make it more or less useful? Toys in primary colors are gender neutral and can be used by boys and girl and can be passed along to younger sibs, friends or family of either gender.

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