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eeBoo 48 Piece Alphabet Giant Floor Puzzle

(eeBoo $14.99)

For children who are learning the alphabet, illustrator, Melissa Sweet has created a bright and playful set of letters and animals that you’ll want to discuss before they begin. Use the illustration on the box to "name and know" the animals pictured. The artist has chosen some creatures that are not exactly well known, so use the opportunity to expand their knowing and naming with creatures like the ibex, the salamander and others. The big puzzle pieces are scaled right for little hands and make it easier for them to fit together. When the big 24 by 36-inch puzzle is assembled try playing an I Spy game…begin by saying “I spy a wild cat with stripes” or “I spy an animal that swims.” Switch roles and have your child give you some riddles to solve. Want to play more of this game, bring home some of the big colorful "I Spy" books by award winning author, Jean Marzollo.

Also, special eeBoo's 48 Piece Fairy in Princess Land Giant Floor Puzzle ($14.99) Melissa Sweet has done a playful scene with a princess and lots of fairy tale characters in a crowded park scene. The big pieces are easy to put together and there’s lots to talk about when the giant floor puzzle is put together. Use the picture for telling a story that you take turns spinning one character at a time.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018

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