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Make It Real Knitting Beanie Bun Kit

(Make It Real @22.99)

We used to make long long ropes of knitted yarn with a spool that fit in your hand. This works the same way only it's so much better! It's a hoop size round loom and comes with good thick yarn and crochet hook, that allows crafty kids to create a wearable hat and fingerless gloves. It takes time, patience, and memory, but once they get the way it works, it's a very satisfying craft activity with wearable end products. Projects that take more than a few minutes to create help kids learn about the rewards of staying with a task. Our tester made a hat with a pompom instead of a pony-tail Beanie, since she has short hair. Develops fine motor skills, visual perception, following directions, and stick-to-it-skills. Marked 8 and up, we think 10s and up will be more likely to complete the tasks...and enjoy it.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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