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Fat Brain Dimpl duo

(Fat Brain $24.95)

A two sided learning center with silicone mounds that children press down. One side has six colorful founds with the color word in English and (though it may be hard to see from the picture) it's also imprinted in Braille above the color. Flip it over and each of the mounds has an embossed shape and the words in English and Braille for circle, triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, oval. It’s marked for 12 months and up. Of course, babies are not going to care about the words; they’ll just like pushing the “button” mounds and turning it over and doing the same thing again and again. For older toddlers, knowing and naming the colors may become part of the fun as will introducing the name of shapes. However, three dimensional shapes that children can hold in their hands and use give them better sensory memory than raised images. That said, this is a tool that may be most useful for special needs and children learning Braille.

Ages: presschool, early school

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio SNAP Award 2019

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