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Blue Orange Tumble Maze

(Blue Orange $27.99)

They call this a gravity-powered logic game. At first glance it looks like a pinball machine without lights and sounds. In fact, it’s a pin-ball-like game that the player designs on each play. It comes with 40 challenge cards that slide under the playing board and show you how to set up the maze barriers. It also shows you where to place one or more of the steel marbles on top of the maze and where you must make the marbles land in the slots at the bottom. Now here’s the thing—you are going to have to figure out where to place the missing barrier that will make the marbles end up in the right slots. Do it with trial and error or study the board and try to get it right before you test it to see. Happily, you will never get totally stuck since the design cards flip to show you the solution. It’s a fun solo game or take turns with a friend. For sure you will want to do these by learning your way with the easiest ones first.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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