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Lego Pop-up Party Bus

(LEGO $79.99)

Inspired by LEGO Movie 2, this pop-up party bus is a challenging build. It has a futuristic look. Be forewarned: Emmet, one of the movie characters shown on the box is not in the box. There’s a cockpit that opens, foldout speakers, a rotating dance floor, and a flip-up disco ball. Kids can replay scenes from the movie or create their own with a buildable Disco Kitty as Unikitty and Zebe figures, plus Tempo and Melody mini-doll figures. This has over 1,000 pieces, so it’s not for beginners. Our ten-year old tester had no problems with this one. This will make a hit with both boys and girls who are fans of the movie. Our testers loved the light brick and all the moving parts. 9+

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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