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Sassy Whirling Wheel Waterfall, Double Dip Funnel & Flex N Fill Cups Set

(Sassy $24.99)

Sassy's Whirling Wheel Waterfall is one bath toy that can double for tabletop fun, as well. With a sturdy suction cup it attaches to tub or table and a swipe of a hand sends the many little colorful cups spinning. Standing in the tub, water will help power the motion and spill as the cups reach the top. Standing on a table, the rainbow of colors will blur as it turns. If you want a triple winner, choose Sassy's Whirling Wheel Waterfall with the Double Dip Funnel that sprinkles and their Flex N Fill Cups, that baby can use to pour, stack and float. Interesting toys to explore how water spills and splashes. They have easy to grab handles and the cups and rims are textured. Well designed, with tiny holes that strain and sprinkle water when lifted, they can also be stacked one into another. Like other Sassy toys, these are paint and chemical free and dishwasher safe, too. A perfect set of bath toys for babies and toddlers. 6 months and up.

Ages: Infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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