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Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks

(Fisher-Price $7.89)

Sometimes we forget that new is not always better. This basic gear toy is so-o-o- basic, you wouldn’t think it was an all-time favorite of sitting up babies. First take the shape sorter lid away...just forget about it. That said, this is an ideal toy for repetitive rounds of filling and dumping. What’s more, those blocks are designed for little hands to grab...they have no top or bottom. Pieces dropped in the bucket make a pleasing sound and they are also idea for tossing, tasting and banging together when two handed play kicks in. PLEASE do not spend any time sorting them through the lid. By the time baby can turn and fit these shapes into the openings they will be too old for this toy and the pieces will be missing. Other things for filling and dumping games that build dexterity...a basket and different colored pairs of socks rolled into balls.

Ages: sitting up infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2022


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