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Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

(Mattel $129.99)

Here’s the newest design of the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage that’s topped off with a car-hungry dragon. There’s adventure waiting on every level of this giant play setting. THe first floor track has movable hoses, a car wash , diverters and connectors so they can hook up other Hot Wheel sets to this one. Players take the elevator to the 2nd level and launch the two cars straight from the elevator I a race. On level three they can do loop stunts, and on level four they aim to defeat the dragon or get eaten! As always, the garage also can house as many as 50 Hot Wheels vehicles, for the ultimate consumer. This garage setting comes with just two cars, but it’s a start to one of those collections that is likely to keep growing over time. A big action-packed toy that will be enjoyed for social or solo play. Designed for 5s and up.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023


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