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Magformers Backyard Adventure

(Magformers $74.99)

Magformers’ newest magnetic construction set comes with enough pieces for building a house with a light up fireplace and mantle PLUS lots of props for the backyard — a see-saw, a light-up flower, and elephant slide, a swing, a tree, and a boy, girl and yes, even a robot figure. Like all Magformers the magnets are safely embedded inside the plastic forms. It comes with an idea booklet, but we know kids will have their own ideas. These construction materials are open ended for multiple explorations and discoveries. In addition to the props above, the kit includes: x14 Triangles, x8 Squares, x2 Rectangles, x6 Square Inner Circle, x1 Pentagon Arch, x2 Circle, 8 Plate, x2 Wall, x1 Ladder, x4 Window, x2 Chair.A hands-on way to learn about magnets and how they work and for creating their own pretend settings for dramatic play. 3 and up

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020


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