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Peaceable Kingdom Shiny Shark Floor Puzzle

For fives and up, this huge 3-foot shark-shaped puzzle provides a spectacular pay-off — well worth the effort of fitting all 53 pieces together. Given the size, this is best done on the floor, in a place where it can remain on display for a while. The toothy mouth and small fish offer a road map that will help kids find their way. It’s also helpful to follow the shape of the shark in finding the outside pieces. Adding to the fun, several whole fish have a shiny finish, as do many small bubbles on the shark’s skin surface. You might want to pair this with a picture book about sharks or check out the many kinds of sharks pictured online. We like the sturdy box that will keep the pieces safely stored away for another day. Kids like doing and redoing their puzzles as they gain mastery over them. Shape puzzles can be a little trickier to do, so give beginners a helping hand for the first few times, giving them strategies for success. Appropriately marked for 5 and up.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2022


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