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Playskool Little Wonders Pop-a-tune

(Playmonster $39.99)

Just right for toddlers who will be excited with their growing power to make things happen. In this case, there are six colorful containers in a see-thru plastic dome. Each container has a ball hiding inside that will pop up and move when one of the six keys are hit. This takes more than an accidental touch. So toddlers are developing a sense of using enough push for cause and effect. happen. There are two options for sound - silly sounds or musical notes. Happily they can also play with the toy with the sound off. 1 & up. A fun present for first birthdays or slightly older tots. We've written about this toy before, but it disappeared from the toy shelves for awhile and now it's happily back!


Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2022


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