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Goldie Blox Craftstruction Box

(Goldie Blox $39.99) Platinum Award

With this 275-piece construction set, kids can use the goodies in this box for all kinds of building possibilities; kids can build a Spring Car that really zooms, a flower with a stem that expands, a Leap Bot that actually leaps, a flyer that flings through the air and several other devices. They have a sense of humor as well as a basis in science, helping kids discover how many basic machines actually work. We like the poster that shows various models to build as well as proper names for many of the building parts. GoldieBlox pieces are compatible with all other GoldieBlox toys, as well as special craft items like pipe cleaners, string, and pretty papers. Add other items from around the house to extend the play and recycle materials. A great STEM toy that will enhance understanding and play. Our testers loved them (including the boys that found the set compelling) - the only complaint was that they are sometimes hard to take apart and require some adult assistance.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Award Year: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2015

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