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Peaceable Kingdom The Memory Palace

(Peaceable Kingdom $15.99)

A cooperative story telling game that builds imagination and memory. Put out the 16 colorful tiles with images of the palace. Place three Memory Monsters face down on three tiles. Each player takes an agreed upon number of animal tokens and put them in a playing pile. Players take turns picking a token and placing it on a tile and telling a silly story about that animal in that room. After telling the story the animal is placed face down. After all the animal tokens have been placed face down, one player is selected as the Memory Master and tries to retell the stories about the animals and their locations. As she tells each story she turns the token over…if she is correct she leaves it face up. If wrong she turns it back face down. But BEWARE: if you turn over a Memory Monster the game is over! This is a cooperative game so players can help the Memory Master. The stories do not need to be repeated word for word, the idea is to listen well enough to tell the gist of the tale. 5 &up.

Ages: Early School

Award Year: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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