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Earlyears Soft Busy Blocks

(International Playthings $15.00)

Four soft stackable blocks have soft sides and corded piping that makes them easy for baby to grasp. Colorful graphics and patterns and quiet sounds make these good floor toys for beginners. Also, Earlyears Sweet Baby Blocks ($13 ). Six soft, squeezable vinyl blocks, easy to grasp, with a colorful single image on each face of the cubes. Fun for stacking, knocking down, and tossing. SNAP:These fabric blocks have been scaled down in size and are easier to grab than the originals. The set of four has interesting textures and patterns and a quiet sound in each block. Activity: Sit on the floor and put one or more blocks on your head or shoulder and encourage your tot to knock 'em off!

Ages: Infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award 2003

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