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Manhattan Toy Infant Stim-Mobile

(Manhattan Toy $24.99)

High contrast black and white graphics are now combined with bold colors so the mobile can be changed as baby grows. Designed without music or motor, this versatile mobile is nevertheless more visually stimulating than most. The images are displayed so that the newborn looking up sees the whole graphic rather than just a sideways glance. It's design is based on research that indicates that newborns see black and white high contrast most easily during the first weeks of life. Babies are also visually attracted to images of a face, simple bulls-eye graphics and other bold patterns. Another plus is the ability to change the view. Like all of us, infants stop noticing things that are constantly in sight. Since you can change the position of the graphics, this is a more interesting mobile. Without a motor to make it turn, this is activated by baby's own motions as she moves her arms and legs. This mobile has no music, but you can add that with a stand alone musical toy. Based on the original all black and white Stimobile by Wimmer Ferguson, this is a classic. The company has signed a verification form complying with our safety requirements. We did not independently test this toy in a lab.

Ages: Infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award 2007

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