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Alex Woodland Wonders Activity Station

(Alex $143.99)

Our toddler tester went right to work on the many sided wooden activity center. One wall has brightly colored gears to spin, another wall has a big bear with a clock and hands to turn. Another wall has alphabet blocks that spin and pictures of familiar things to know and name. There’s a maze with a squirrel and owl that can be moved along the winding pathway and a wall with four patterned doors that open and shut to reveal a bee, a turtle, an owl and a skunk and yet another wall with part whole blocks that can be turned to make one big animal. Best of all for the standing up toddler, the top of the center is painted to resemble a pond with wooden duck, frog and fish that can slide around the cut out maze and colorful beads that can move on the twisted wires. Since all the small balls and pieces are tethered down, it invites little hands to explore and move things around while developing eye hand control and a sense of control as they learn about cause and effect. This is one of those toys that is so well made it will be enjoyed by siblings and cousins as they come along. 18 months & up.

Note: The top of this activity center comes fastened upside down into the block. You have to unscrew it, turn it right side up, and then screw it back on with the Allen key (that comes with the directions). Be forewarned, this is pretty time consuming and annoying. Don’t tighten all of them until you are sure they are all aligned.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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