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American Girl Wellie Wishers

(American Girls $60.00 each)

A collection of multicultural 14 ½ inch dolls, designed for younger girls, 5-7 with story lines that center on empathy—how it feels to stand in another person’s Wellies (aka boots). Beautifully dressed in girls clothing, the five dolls each have unique faces, they are not merely done up with different style wigs and dipped in different skin tones. Emerson, an Asian American has straight black hair, big brown eyes and wants to put on a show with her friends; Kendall, an African American girl has big brown eyes, almost natural hair and is working on the special effects for the show; Willa, a blonde has hazel eyes, loves animals and suffers from stage fright. We did not see Camille or Ashlyn, the other two dolls, but we’re sure they are all charmers. Books ($5.99 each) for the series are by Valerie Tripp, who authored so many of the American Girl books. They deal with life lessons in sharing, cooperation and friendship. The collection will be supported with a collection of books, an animated series, and an app with games.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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