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Crayola Emoji Marker Maker

(Crayola $15.99)

Here’s a lab that will interest both boys and girls— a step-by-step STEM toy that introduces them to how colors are blended and made into popular emoji markers. The formula is simple and the measuring vial is clear. Empty stamper bodies are filled with an absorbent rod that soaks up the liquid color supply. The directions are easy to follow and satisfying, too. When your marker/stamper is done there is even a label to put on it and there are two boxes to store your handmade markers. You get all the supplies needed to create 16 markers. You get a mixing vial, a base unit, storage capsule, marker snapping tool, 3 ink bottles, tweezers, a color mixing chart, 16 marker barrels, labels, cores, emoji nibs, caps and plugs. It's a fun kit and kids will have the added pleasure of using the end products, the home-made markers with trendy emoji images to stamp on notes and pictures. And, yes, you can buy refills. Marked for 6+, this will be a parent child project for younger kids and a solo one for tweens. Just be sure to cover the counter space and clothing, since these are not marked washable. 6 & up.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

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