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Goldie Blox Invention Mansion

(Goldie Blox $59.99)

Goldie’s back and this season she’s fashioned an amazing Invention Mansion that is what her creator, Debbie Sterling calls the “anti-dollhouse” that looks like no other mansion around. In fact, since there is no right or wrong way to build it horizontally or vertically, each young builder will likely be creating a unique mansion. It has 350+ pieces that kids can assemble in endless ways. Like any mansion it can include a secret trapdoor, a zipline, levers, axels, and building boards. Step-by-step directions show builders how to make the bones of the building and then more instruction pages in the manual illustrate how to make a wackie stove that flips and rotates, a catwalk, awnings, and a drawbridge, among other engineering creations. Play figures, Goldie, and her pal Ruby are packed with all these sturdy components that combine problem solving, science and creativity with dramatic play. An exciting new build marked for 6 and up. Although the directions have a lot of pictorial support, we suspect younger kids will need adult help to get this going. We think the sweet spot will be more like 9-12.

Ages: Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2016

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