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Creativity for Kids Aquarium Terrarium

Here’s a combo science, crafts, and semi-magical kit that makes a fun activity for parent and child or visiting grandchild. Kids will need help taping the bowl and base together. They can decorate the bowl and the base with the stickers and paint before or after the two pieces are combined. Next, an adult will need to help with opening the “magical” part—the beads that will expand when water is added to the aquarium. It takes some waiting and watching time for the beads to grow to their proper size. Once that happens, you’re ready to add the decorative pieces provided and then begin planting the terrarium. Sprinkle some of the seeds provided on the surface of the puffed-up beads. Now, there’s more waiting and watching until the seeds burst into plants that can be trimmed or eventually removed to make room for the remaining seeds. An indoor window sill plant and planter for young gardeners! 6 & up

Ages: Early school years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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