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Faber-Castell Mixed Media Sgraffito

Kids make their own scratchboards with this kit that comes with two solid boards that are to be colored with the three oil pastels. Combine the colors to make new colors and cover the board with a bold variety of pastel color. Now, use the foam brush to spread the blue paint over the pastel colors. Now for the reveal. Use the wooden stylus to draw into the paint and create a drawing or message or design by scratching away some of the wet blue paint. Don’t like the picture, use the foam brush to smooth the paint and do it again. Finally, when the drawing is done allow the paint to dry and stand it on the display stand that is part of the packaging. We used to do this with crayons at the base and black ink over the top that we scratched away. This is a nice way to introduce kids to a technique that is old as the hills, fun to do and satisfying. There is no right or wrong way to do it, except to follow the steps and be sure to cover clothes with a smock and the work surface so the tabletop is not messed up. The package warns that spills should be cleaned up quickly. This little kit has enough supplies for two works of art. 7 & up.

Ages: Early school years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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