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Schleich North America Horse Club Riding Center

For young horse lovers this miniature setting is just the ticket to pretend. The stable building has green doors and pink window frames with stalls and paddocks for the horses. It comes with a horse and a colt but has room for many more. There’s plenty of food for the horses, a trainer, bales of hay. There are grooming tools and a blanket for the mare. Also in the same collection, a Pick-up truck with horse box ($59.99) that includes a horse, a male driver for the truck and female handler for the horse. These products come with clear directions and do require some construction pieces that snap together with ease, though adult help will be needed. Once these pieces are assembled, this is a setting that will have hours of play for the riding enthusiast.

Ages: Early school

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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