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Mudpuppy My Very Long Puzzles, Animals of the World

(Mudpuppy $16.99 each)

Clear the floor and let the fun begin. Thirty good sized pieces fit together in a three-foot long scene that features four animals in their unique habitats. There’s a two-piece penguin, a three-piece fox, a four-piece lion and a five-piece elephant. Kids can put the animals together separately as stand-alone puzzles, or fit the scenes together that will create the telling space for each animal (as shown). Give kids strategies for fitting the sky together on top and looking at the habitat details on the base pieces. Animals of the world is just one of the four My Very Long Puzzle line. Others feature Outer Space, Under the Sea, and Transportation, the latter features a bike, helicopter, cement mixer and ferry boat. Work on these big puzzles together for starters and they will soon be doing them solo. Marked for 3 and up.

Ages: Preschool

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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