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Hape Classical Bus Walker

(Hape $49.99)

Toddlers who are steady on their feet will like pushing this red or blue walker around. They can load dolls or blocks or books into the open cart. Designed to match their love of new found locomotion, this is a classic push toy with a graphic design on the side that looks like an elongated bus or van. It has rubber treads so it will not get hung like some plastic wheeled vehicles do. The only thing it does not have are weight, so it is not a good choice for toddlers who are still having to hold onto furniture to pull themselves up. It will also go rather fast since there are no brakes or gears to slow it down. It does need to be assembled. Marked 10 months and up, but we suggest this is a better choice for older toddlers who are not depending on the handle to get up. There is also a car graphic version of this walker that looks like a classic VW that Grandma and Grandpa may have driven.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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