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Tenney Grant , American Girl Doll and book

(American Girl $114.00)

With aspirations to become a Nashville singer and songwriter,18” Tenney Grant is a freckle-faced charmer with long light brown hair. She’s something of a departure for American Girls— a girl with a career. Her aspirations to make it big in the music world will be familiar to many young girls, so perhaps she is not so much a departure, as a reflection of the star-struck dreams of school age girls. Tenney arrives wearing a graphic tee, denim vest, a woven bracelet, faux-leather skirt, and ankle boots. Of course, there are other outfits and other books besides the one that comes in her original package…all sold separately. Her hands are specially positioned to hold her guitar, banjo and pick, but be advised, her musical instruments are sold separately and we have not tested them, as of this writing. Her guitar ($34) can be strummed and even plays three songs, although it does need batteries. It comes with a song book with her own lyrics and a strap, plus a pick that Tenney can actually hold. Her banjo ($28) also features strings to strum and a button to press that plays three original songs—it works with her amplifier too—which of course is sold separately. Perhaps the biggest news about Tenney is Logan, her drummer, the first 18” American Girl boy doll ever! We think he needs his own entry. Check him out. Marked 8 & up.

Ages: Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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