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Blue Orange Dice Stack

(Blue Orange $10.99)

What a fun way to reinforce addition and multiplication! Six oddly shaped tilted dice are tossed on each player’s turn. Then the dice must be carefully stacked in numerical order, adding the dots on the top of each one as it gets stacked. Player can stop at any point and take the points stacked so far. But watch out! If one falls the player gets no points. Want to double your points? Easy, just roll the gold die and place it on top of the stack with the side up that it landed on. If you can top your stack with gold you double your points…BUT, if any fall you get no points for that round. Now it’s the next player’s turn. You'll need a pencil and paper to keep score as each player has a turn. Winner is the first one to stack up 100 points ( or set a lower goal for winning). A good choice for 1-6 players. An inexpensive game to help sharpen visual perception, simple addition, fine motor skills, and problem solving. A good travel game that comes with a small net drawstring bag. 7 & up.

Ages: Early School, Young Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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