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Bananagrams Cobra Paw

(Bananagrams $14.99)

Get ready for a fast-paced matching game that’s done up in Ninja style with amusing rules that call for respecting one’s opponents, courtesy and a certain amount of mental fortitude. There are several variations that you can play with the handsome dice and playing stones that come marked with patterns rather than dots to count. Lead player tosses the dice and players scramble to be the first to spot and take the matching domino-like stone with both matching patterns. Players can only use fingers, NOT whole hands to take the stones! To become a “Master” you must collect 6 stones. Marked for 6 & up and we would agree, though if you are playing with kids of mixed ages, you may need to play as teams since younger kids will need a little longer to see the matches.

Ages: Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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