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Thames & Kosmos Barbie Crystal Geology Set

We’ve written about other dig kits in the past, many were gender specific and aimed at boys. This one is directed to girls and includes a Barbie license. Okay, you may not love Barbie, but, before you say 'forget it', consider how well thought out this kit is and if it will perhaps interest girls who might otherwise not get involved with a geology kit. This comes with tools for digging out the quartz, amethyst and pyrite specimens buried in a plaster block. The tools are sturdy and the safety glasses (happily included!) are a must for excavating the gems.

There’s also some reading involved, a story about Barbie and her friends visit with a geologist who explains some basic facts to them. The booklet comes with experiments and directions for digging out the gems. Then, to add to the fun, it includes three plastic rings that kids can mount with the gems and wear. An appealing way to initiate an interest in geology. Marked 4-8, we think this is really a better choice for early school age 5+ and even then, with parental supervision.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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