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Groovy Girls 2017

(Manhattan Toy $17.99)

A new cast of players just arrived in time for holiday giving. Meet Justin, wearing tan shorts with a drawstring, topped with a jeep graphic on his tee shirt that is worn over a red and white striped long sleeve shirt.

Meghan is wearing a light blue tunic with black and white polka dot pockets and hair ribbon over black and white leggings and bold black and white sneakers. Like all the Groovy Girls, her features are stitched on and she also has stitched on red button earrings. Janelle is African-American and wearing a long pink dress and platform sandals with silver straps.

And then there is Lorelei, in a pink and white striped dress with a bunny. She’s wearing white knee socks and her yarn hair is a mix of pink, yellow and white, all tied up in a ponytail. Finally meet Katy with jet black yarn hair and a black print dress with off the shoulder ruffle and stylish cut-out shoulders. Best of all she’s wearing suede-like tan boots with fringe trim. While all the other dolls have non-removable shoes, Katy’s have Velcro like openings, like all their clothes, so they can be dressed and undressed. As always, the Groovy Gals ( and guys) are ideal fabric dolls for 3s and up. Boy doll, Justin and Groovy Girl Lorelei are on Manhattan Toy's site.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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