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Hasbro Blindfolded Twister

(Hasbro $20)

Yet another new twist on Twister! The latest game comes with four blindfolds, a mat, a spinner and raised shape pieces that must be applied to the mat before playing begins. These pieces, snowflake, ring, squiggle and diamond are meant to stick on permanently, so this is probably a task for adults to do. Game play is similar to all Twister games, the spinner person will be the caller. The players will be blindfolded and need to move their body parts and feel their way around the board to find the shapes called. Our 10 year-old tester likes playing this game with friends, though it was too hard for his younger siblings. He and his friends learned a thing or two about cooperative play. helping each other stay upright as they played—and enjoying the silliness when they fell over each other. His mom liked the idea of an active game that's good for days when the kids are stuck inside. A fun choice for family gathering or tween party time. 8 & up

Ages: Tweens, Teens

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