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Crayola Picture Projector

(Crayola $20.99)

A neat combination of art and science. Kids draw their own pictures on a reusable “screen” with the special markers that comes with this simple projector. The screen is really the big squarish plastic lens that can be wiped clean and then decorated again. Or, kids can trace a picture onto the separate plastic lens and put their picture on the projector. Turn off the room lights, turn on the projector light, and there it is! Their picture is projected on the ceiling or the wall. Want another image? Wipe the first one off and start again. Kids will like to explore what happens as they move the image closer and further away from the wall. The projection can also be enjoyed as a night light. This comes with three markers, but clearly says not to use white board markers when these run out. You can't buy refills, but you can use any Crayola markers with "Ultra Clean Washable" formula can be used. They come in sets of 10 bold or 8 finer size tips. The projector takes 4 AA and they are not included, so be sure to add them to a gift package. A fun choice for 5 & up.

Ages: Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018


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