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Fat Brain Klickity

(Fat Brain 29.99)

An interesting toy for young toddlers to explore for early lessons in cause and effect. Push on one of the colorful textured balls and a another ball on the opposite side pops up; push again and it pops up. Push down on another ball and it makes a Klickity sound as it slips into the dome. Push on the opposite ball and it pups up with a Klickity sound. Push it again and it fits back into the dome. Swipe the ball in the middle and it rattles as it rolls. None of the balls come free from the dome, which is solid enough to sit still. Just right for little hands and sensory learning and early motor skills. A fine choice for a first birthday. Marked for 12 months and up.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award Pending

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