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Spinmaster Hedbanz Game

(Spinmaster $12.99)

We’ve had this game before and loved it. This update is sure to be a hit. Players get three chips and each wear a head band and put a card with a picture on it without looking at the card. Everybody else knows “what you are” but others have to give you answers to questions that help you define if you are a food, or an animal, or a thing. On each player’s turn they get to ask one question to each of the other players and try to guess what picture is on their headband. If the timer runs out before the player guesses, the player’s turn ends. Players put one chip into the bank each time they guess correctly. The first player to use all three chips is the winner. Headbanz is a great game for communication, learning about formulating questions, and listening to clues. It’s also good fun. 7 and up.

Ages: Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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