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Mudpuppy Dog Gonnit! Game

(Mudpuppy $17.99)

Dog lovers will enjoy this Monopoly style game. Players buy two businesses as they make they away around the playing board. There are happening cards that may cost you money—your dog may need food or a grooming or a trip to some other pet care business. If so you’ll need to pay up…but you may get lucky and collect from players who land on your business sites. There is a spot where players also contribute to a Jackpot and if lucky, land on the jackpot, winning all the money in it. All the play money is printed on round playing pieces that are worth $20 each. So, there’s some easy math involved, all based on adding by twenty. The object is to be the first to win 6 heart shaped tokens…making this totally on the nose for a Valentine treat. Marked 8 and up.

Ages: Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2019

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