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Peaceable Kingdom Topper Takes a Trip

(Mindware $21.99)

Designed for twos who are not exactly game players, yet. It’s really a matching game to play with older twos. There’s a little suitcase, that's loaded with the items on each trip card. First, you and your game player decide where you are going…to Grandma’s to go sledding, the beach, the forest or school. Put the illustrated list in plain sight. Now put the playing pieces out, so they can be chosen to match the list. Count the pieces to be sure you have them all. Now close the bag and go to the selected spot. Here’s where pretend comes in. Talk about or pretend to enjoy being at the place you’ve traveled to. Use some of the things in the suitcase as you pretend. When it’s time to go home, check to be sure you have all the pieces you started out with…count them and close the suitcase and go along home. There’s a lot of possible language here, knowing and naming, along with all dramatic role playing. Switch parts with your player…let him be the grown up and you play the child. Have fun! We think 3s and 4s will like this more than 2s.

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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