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Miniland Roll and Pop Tower

(Miniland $52.95)

Here’s a ball run with an extra bounce! The balls not only slide through obstacles that spin and roll around, they end up bouncing off a trampoline and then out of a chute! It’s one of those classic toys that toddlers love to play with again and again! Repetition is important to toddlers who like the predictability of knowing what happens...and making that happen. Be forewarned: you will need to set this ball run up for your toddler and it may take some trial and error to do so. But once you have it out! This is a winner! We found the directions in the package (which are not done in color) less helpful than the picture on the box. Once it’s built it stays together and that’s how you’ll want to leave it. A good choice for developing visual tracking, the power of making things happen and sense of cause and effect.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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