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Puppy Trek Game

( Puppy Trek $30.00)

A fun-for-the -family game designed in muted Pacific Northwest colors and style; in other words, it does not look like most commercial games with licensed characters. Players choose a puppy to make its way through the wilderness and along the way meet animal friends who protect and help them. They draw activity cards that lead them to choices, so there is no one right path, but decisions to be made. There’s reading and counting involved, along with spelling, story-telling, questions and answers, and movement activities such as stretching, frog hopping, jumping jacks and charades. It’s a game that takes about 30 minutes and right for kids too young for Monopoly and too old for Candyland. 2-6 players. Says 5 and up, but few 5s will be able to read the cards and board. We’d say more like 6-9.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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