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Wimmer-Ferguson Learning Cube

(Manhattan Toy $14.88)

A six-inch fabric cube done in high contrast black and white patterns that will grab baby's attention even before he can grab hold of it. Studies show that very young babies find these kinds of high contrast visuals are most interesting, especially those with eyes. This six-sided cube has many sensory features for baby to explore with eyes, hands, ears and even mouth. There are crinkle flaps for peek-a-boo games with big eyes under the flaps and polka dots inside the flaps. There’s a large black and white target that lifts to reveal a mirror, so baby can play peek-a-boo and see her own face. Another side of the cube has a cat with a squeaker in its tail, and another side features a whale with a shaker tail. Baby can grab and chomp on the bright yellow ring tucked in a pocket on an owl and will be excited with the checkerboard pattern on another side of the cube. Since it’s so big, use this for early lap games or for tummy time distractions. A little later, it is light enough for sitting up babies to explore on their own.

Ages: Infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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