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National Geographic Astrophysicist Barbie and other Barbie Scientists

(Mattel $14.99 and up)

It's so important to get both girls and boys interested in careers in science. We think it's a step forward that Mattel and National Geographic partnered to create a new direction for Barbie, a doll better known for glamour and fantasy. Yes, Barbie has gone from her glittery lifestyle to try on the many careers in science.

Entomologist Barbie studies insects.

Her play set comes with Barbie dressed for the field where she studies insects. Her a lab contains a table with containers, charts, a camera, binoculars, magnifier, net, and outside, a tree that is home to the many small insects and flowers.

Astrophysicist Barbie looks to the glittering heavens to study the stars and galaxies. A worthy model for young girls that comes with her own star chart and telescope that swivels so that she can watch for asteroids and planets in every direction.

Wildlife Conservationist Barbie is busy protecting and promoting wildlife through research and education. She’s dressed in a safari style beige jacket with dark tan trousers.She comes with a small monkey, one of the many creatures she protects with her work.

Or consider Photojournalist Barbie dressed in a safari style vest with lots of pockets for her photo equipment, this Barbie comes with a camera and a lion cub.

These Barbies are all part of the “You Can Be Anything” collection, role models for today’s girls. While most Barbies come in a variety of skin tones, as of this writing, only two are available as young women of color, as pictured here.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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