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eeBoo Votes for Women Flash Cards

(eeBoo $12.99)

We don’t usually do flash cards of any kind, but these are the exception to the rule. An amazing set of cards about leaders of the Suffrage Movement, who lead the fight to victory in 1920, just 100 years ago. Their stories have been little told and often in books that made history dry. These handsome card tell interesting little stories about each of them and they are beautifully illustrated. An important story of a multi-cultural and monumental fight that went on for more than a century before women could finally have a vote and make their voices heard.

Put these away for stocking stuffer or small holiday gift. Or for the puzzle person on your list, eeBoo has created a challenging circular Votes for Women 500-piece puzzle ($19.99) with images of the Suffrage Movement leaders.

Ages: Tweens and Teens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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