Sassy Sensory Activity Panels

(Sassy $14.99)

Cleverly designed panels with high contrast images on one side and touchy-feely panels on the back, these four fabric panels can be used as a kind of fabric book. But it works best when the panels are taken apart. Separate the Velcro edging and explore the panels one at a time for lap time play. For tummy time, connect two panels can stand up for baby’s visual stimulation. There’s a panda with big eyes, that will attract baby’s interest; a squared target, and two other black and white images. On the reverse sides of the panels are a mirror, a cloud graphic with a rainbow ribbons to touch, a lift-up peek-a-boo leaf hiding a ladybug, and a silky blue ruffled panel with crinkle sounds. Each of the panels has a black and white fabric handle that baby will grab baby’s attention and later be easy to grab as they reach out to take hold of things.

Ages: Infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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