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Fisher-Price Corn Popper Ride-On

(Jakks Pacific $24.99)

You probably had the original Corn Popper, a favorite push toy for generations. Now the familiar look and sound of the Corn Popper has been added to a ride-on for the 21st century toddler. Low to the ground with easy on-off action, this four-wheel drive ride-on for toddlers has a popper up front in a see through dome. As toddlers ride the balls pop up and down making a fun sound. (Unless you find the rattle of the popping balls too intrusive in small spaces-the sound cannot be turned off.) A developmental match to their active on-the-go play style. Fun way to build those gross motor skills and coordination. The wheels are plastic and have no treds, but they are wide and less likely to tip. Weight limit is 44 pounds. Marked 1-3, but we think most threes will be too big and ones won’t be ready. Ideal for toddlers who are steady on their feet.

Ages: Older Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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