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Mindware Academy Squishy Ball Lab

(Mindware $25.95)

We don't often do slime toys, but this is no ordinary silly slime mess. Yes, the pre-measured packets spill into a container and produce slime. But the fun and learning just begin here. There are clear instructions for ten different experiments that lead to creating ballon filled squishy balls that introduce kids to some basic concepts that stretch the imagination and curiosity. It gives them concrete ( if slippery hands-on) chemistry experience with how material can change from liquid to semi-solid. It's an introduction to the science density and mass. The end products are not intended for tossing around or active play. Squeeze them, yes, but gently does it. They are just balloons that you do not want to burst or spill and splat. You'll want to do this with your budding scientist and when you're done..perhaps use those "stress balls" to chill out. Marked 8 and UP and we'd say that is on the mark.

Ages: Older Early School. Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020

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