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Creativity for Kids Hide and Seek Paint, Pour Rocks

Do this fun craft kit outside, while the weather is good. Pouring paint is a novel way to decorate the 10 natural river rocks that come clean and ready. Use a little of two or more of the 4 bottles of paint to create a marble like finish. Once they dry add on of the metallic galaxy transfers for a starry finishing touch. Our tester was thrilled with the final look. Use them for a scavenger hunt or as small paper weight gifts. A good kit for sleep over party, with enough supplies for a small group and an overnight for the paint to dry. The kit includes a good supply along with the rocks, paint, they'll find silver metallic transfers, a sticker sheet, paper cups, plastic apron, latex free gloves, wooden stir sticks, plastic table cover6 and up.

SNAP: Open ended way to explore painting rocks without need for fine motor skills. Since there is no one way to do the painting or decorating, this kit gives kids a chance to create end products while having the fun and power of exploring color combos and making designs of their own. CHIldren will need supervision and a set up work area to contain the fun and the paint.

Ages:Early School YEars

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020

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