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Dig It Up! Giant Gem Discovery Kit

(Mindware $29.95)

Dig in to uncover a dozen different and genuine gemstones in this giant piece of geode. Kids will find gems such as jasper, amethyst, and tiger's eye. They can learn to identify their gems using the gem identification poster that includes scientific, historical and mythological facts. The image here shows a child with glasses...there are no safety glasses in this kit. Mindware's Digs are not like most dusty digs. Instructions say to soak the big gem in a bowl or sink and then chip away with the chisel. In fact, this kit comes with two chisels so it can be a cooperative project. For beginning rock-hounds, this is a great way to jumpstart their collector’s bug and an interest in geology. This is marked 4 and up, but we really think this is a better choice for early school age kids.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020

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