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Mindware Q-BA Maze 2.0 Rocket Set

(Mindware $259.99)

A big birthday coming up ? Looking for a gift for the family to work on and play with later? Here you go! Like Rome, this probably won't be built in a day... with 330 a-MAZE-ing pieces, it comes with 4 light-up cubes, 4 speed sprockets, 4 coaster tubes, 4 cascade stilts, 1 roto catcher, 1 marble vortex, 1 spiral sphere, 16 marble catchers, 262 colorful cubes and 40 steel marbles with a storage bag!

Our testers built this in parts and then assembled the final rocket ship. You probably need a dedicated playroom for this to stand tall for any length of time...and after you build it you won't want to take it down soon. SO be forewarned; this is huge and totally amazing! You do need to follow the directions and stack the pieces snuggly together. It's a challenging three dimensional puzzle that will take patience, fine motor skills, problem solving and time. Once they get the idea of building the models suggested, encourage your imaginative builders to create their own engineering designs. marked 8 and up. We think 8s will need help...but don't we all. A great family cooperative adventure!

Ages: Tweens & Teens

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